RISCO RMA Process – Improvements

RISCO has made improvements to our returns (RMA) process, meaning you can now raise a request through the RISCO Store.

Opening a new RMA is straightforward by following the instructions below.

This guide specifies the procedure for opening a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).


Contact RISCO’s Sales Administration department for the following:

  • Username (Email) and password
  • Authorization – Sales & RMA, or, only RMA Authorization

1. Login to the RISCO Store:

1.1 Navigate to the RISCO Store website at http://www.store.riscogroup.com.



1.2. Login using your Email and Password.

1.3. Click Submit; the Homepage opens.

2. Accessing the RMA Website (For Users with Sales & RMA Authorization; Users with RMA Authorization only – Skip to #3)

2.1. Click the Account menu and select Your RMAs from the list.


Users with Sales and RMA Authorization


3. Opening a New RMA:
3.1. Click the New RMA button that appears on the mid-right section of the web page.


3.2. Reason code – Specify why the RMA is made. Click the arrow to the right of the box and select a reason. RMA reasons of “No Quibble” and “Recall” should be separated from “Warranty” RMAs.

3.3. Tracking Number (optional) – Enter the RMA’s Shipment Tracking Number.


3.4. The RMA details may be filled in two ways:

  • By uploading a completed Excel file (CSV format) – see Appendix A
  • By entering the information directly in the fields provided (Manually or with a barcode scanner

3.4.1. Uploading a Completed Excel File (CSV Format) Click the upload items from excel button that appears on the right of the screen.

RMA 5 In the screen that opens, click the Upload items from excel button and upload a .CSV file (see Appendix A) that includes all the pertinent information and meets all the conditions mentioned on the screen below.


The following messages appear:

RMA 7 If RMA contains incorrect lines:

RMA 8 Click the edit button RMA refreshon the relevant line.

RMA 9 Make the correction, for example, wrongly entered P/N. Click the checkmark button RMA tick to approve the correction.

RMA 10 Click Submit RMA.

RMA 11

3.5. Entering the Information Directly in the Fields Provided

3.5.1. Enter the required information in the fields, as follows:

Item – Refer to the RISCO product catalogue and then enter the relevant item (see Appendix B).

Quantity – Enter item quantity returned.

Note: The quantity entered must be the number of items with the same fault.

QR – Enter details by QR code. Place the cursor in the QR field and then scan the barcode (see Appendix C).

Note: Following manually entering/barcode scanning of the QR code, the Item, Quantity and Warranty fields are entered automatically.

Fault – Specify the product fault. Click the arrow to the right of the box and select a fault (see Appendix D).

Warranty – Select if item is under Warranty (when scanning QR code, automatically selects if the item is under Warranty).

Details – Describe the fault.

Actions – Click RMA tick to save the entered data, or, RMA cross to cancel.

RMA 12

3.5.2. To edit an existing line, select the line and click the RMA refresh button, and then make the necessary changes. To approve the line after editing, click  the RMA tick button.

3.5.3. To delete an existing line, select the line and click the RMA x button.

4. To enter an attached document that may support your RMA claim, click the Choose File button, navigate to the relevant document and then attach it to the opened RMA.

RMA 13

The file name appears on the updated screen.

RMA 14

5. Comments – Provide general comments on the entire RMA.
6. Click Submit RMA to continue the RMA or Cancel RMA to discard entered data.

If the pertinent information was entered successfully, an RMA will be opened and a screen similar to the following will appear.

RMA 15

Note: If the quantity entered is 50 or less, the RMA will be automatically approved. If more than 50, the request will be sent to Customer Service for processing before approval.


7. Updating RMA Tracking Number
7.1. The RMA opening screen displays two tabs:

  • “Pending RMAs” – displays follow-up information on your tracking number, including date that RMA was opened, RMA reference number and status of RMA.
  • “Recent RMAs” – displays a list of opened RMAs in process

7.2. Go to the “Pending RMAs” tab.

7.3. Click RMA + to the left of the “RMA Date” to open the list of P/Ns associated with the RMA.

RMA 16

7.4. Enter your tracking number in the box and then click Edit tracking number.

RMA 17

7.5. The following window appears.

RMA 18

7.6. Click Yes. The Tracking Number is updated in the system.

RMA 19

8. RMA Reports – TBD.


Appendix A: Excel File (.CSV Format) Structure

Details can be uploaded by P/Ns or by QR Codes.

Uploading by QR Codes:

RMA 20

Uploading by P/Ns (only in case there’s no QR barcode found on product):

RMA 21


Appendix B: RISCO’s Item Number (P/N) Recognition

RMA 22


Appendix C: QR (S/N) Recognition

Scan the QR Code that appears on the package or manually enter the S/N under the QR code.

RMA 23

Appendix D: Fault Codes

RMA 24