RISCO Upgrades to Internal IT System

From week commencing 2nd October 2017, RISCO UK will be upgrading our IT system. The upgrade is designed to provide significant improvements to the overall logistics involved in providing our customers with superior products and service.

We expect this to have a minimal impact on operations, and service to our customers to continue as usual.

However, there are certain changes that we would like to bring to your attention:

1.Part numbers will be changing, as per the following:

  • GardTec product produced by RISCO Group, will be prefixed “GT”
  • RISCO products will have a number of digits suffixed (indicating version, language etc)
  • EL Products have a new alpha numeric number sequence
  • Bespoke customer parts, such as screen-printed covers will now require you to order the base/plain part and then add the relevant customised element, e.g. logo
  • Kit codes remain unchanged

    The upshot is that all part numbers will now be exactly the same as those on your package.

2. There will be changes to the format of documents (e.g. shipping documents, invoices, statements, etc.)

3. Increased usage and capability of serial number / QR for RMA requests (facilitated by scanning)

4. Limited online access for purchase history on the RISCO Store (purchase history for products purchased AFTER the change will commence from 1/10/17).

5. Limited online access for downloading invoices prior to 30th Please make a note to download any current invoices prior to this date.  Historical data and invoices may be requested at any time.  We are looking to devise a different method of providing this service.

You will not be able to access to the RISCO Web Store – store.riscogroup.com – or order for immediate delivery through the RISCO Trade Counter from 12 noon on 29/9/17 to 8.30am on 2/10/17.  Please ensure you make any orders prior to this time.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact our Customer Service team on 0161 655 5500.

Thank you for continuing to work with RISCO!


RISCO Smart Home Wins Two PSI Awards

The room was heating up, the tension in the air was palpable, the audience could not wait a minute longer.  Yes, it was the latest edition of the PSI Premier Awards, an occasion which has been a firm favourite in the calendar of the security industry for many years.

This year, the ceremony took place in the rather splendid surroundings of the Luton Hoo Golf and Country Club.

Following a well attended golf networking day, several hundred industry heads came together in the Romanov Suite for this year’s prizes to be presented by none other than snooker legend John Parrott, along with PSI Magazine editor Andy Clutton.

RISCO was first to pick up an award with RISCO Smart Home, making it four successive years in which we have taken an award.  This time it was for Technological Innovation of the Year.

Ian AwardTeam photo

We feel installers are really showing a strong interest in Smart Home and adding a connected home solution to their core security solutions. And by winning Security Industry Product of the Year in addition to the innovation award by security the most votes from any product within any category, it really does prove the long predicted home automation revolution is going mainstream within security.

Everyone at RISCO would like to give a HUGE thank you to all installers that voted for us in such a prestigious award.

In addition, we would like to congratulate our partners at CSL who won Software / Signalling Product of the Year.  CSL Connected provides critical connectivity with the alarm panel and offers installers professionally monitored signalling, allowing end users to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Click here for more information on RISCO Smart Home.

Click here to read our blog on why installers need to adapt to home automation in an ever changing world.

Visit RISCO Store to order a RISCO Smart Home solution.


RISCO Group, the leading global manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for the professional security market, will launch at IFSEC 2017 a range of new products providing benefits for the professional installer as well as the end user.

Delivering a powerful upgrade to the 2015 PSI Intruder Product of the Year, AgilityTM3, the new AgilityTM4 wireless solution provides residential and SME commercial users with a range of enhancements, including an extended radio frequency range to expand the coverage area, integrated indoor and outdoor visual verification, 3G multi socket network capability and a sleek new design.

The cloud-based product integrates Smart Home, RISCO’s first complete connected home security system, combining energy management, smart access and easy control of lighting.  It also seamlessly integrates RISCO’s easy to install VUpoint P2P live video verification solution.

The show will also see the launch of the WiCommTM, a residential security system providing a range of security providers with the opportunity to expand their customer base with the provision of a competitively priced self-installation solution with a user-friendly set-up wizard.

Also on display at IFSEC will be RISCO’s recently launched products, including ProSYSTM Plus, a Grade 3 super hybrid security system for the commercial sector and finalist for Intruder Product of the Year at the PSI Premier Awards 2017 and RISCO Smart Home, a finalist for Technological Innovation of the Year at the PSI Awards.  A new pan tilt VUpoint P2P camera will be unveiled.

Said RISCO UK Marketing Manager Greg Smith: “RISCO has been really busy over the last 12 months with a raft of new products and enhancements designed to help installers generate more business and grow recurring revenue. We’ll be showcasing our core intruder and detection range, alongside brand new technologies such as VUpoint P2P and Smart Home.”

In addition, visitors can sign up for the recently launched RISCO Stars Partners Programme, providing installers with exclusive benefits such as extended warranties, discounts and business rewards.

For more information, please visit RISCO on stand D1275, go to www.riscogroup.com/uk or call 0161 655 5500.

This can only be described as ‘a result’!

We have just received some excellent news from a customer of RISCO and CSL, our integration partner which shows our solutions delivering an instant result.


“I have a RISCO Agility Intruder alarm installed at my friend’s empty house. It is using the CSL Dualcom Sim as there are no phone lines at the property.

It alarmed on my phone and sent the pictures through on the app. I called 999 and jumped in my car to head over to the property.

As I arrived at the house I was met by four police cars which included two dog units. All three intruders had been caught and were being detained outside with a lovely Alsatian Police dog watching over them.”

It is fantastic to get such feedback and we would love to hear about other such positive results.

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The world is changing…. Are you?


The home automation revolution is upon us – get your slice of the cake!

You may have noticed huge consumer marketing campaigns by giants such as British Gas with Hive, and other energy providers such as NPower utilising Nest from Google, amongst a range of home automation products.

There is a surge in customer demand right now and over the past couple of years, IoT (Internet of Things) has become the next big thing.  The ability to control heating, lighting, locks, garage doors, entertainment systems from a single app is proving extremely popular and generating high levels of growth.

There is great potential for security system installers to piggy back onto the home automation revolution using security as the core of the system, rather than heating, lighting, etc.

Research suggests consumers want connected home built on security

RISCO conducted end user research, regulated by YouGov Plc. We spoke to over 4000 consumers on attitudes towards intruder alarms and how, when, where and why they are being used.

One of the major findings of the report is that more than one in two consumers (54%) want a ‘connected home’ built around security and are interested in installing an alarm system that controls other household systems.

Furthermore, alarm installers are in a strong position to provide connected home devices.  Householders would trust an alarm manufacturer to provide a connected home system with an alarm element (49%) over their TV, internet, telephone, gas, electricity, boiler or internet search providers.

Seamlessly integrated video. Low cost, high margins.

Competitors have recently been promoting their integrated video camera capabilities at costs well in excess of £100. RISCO’s VUpoint P2P solution is much more advanced, seamlessly integrated and easy to install into professional security systems and smart home automation creating a truly connected home and is available via one intuitive app/browser.

And this can be provided to your customers at a comfortably lower price, whilst delivering exceptional margins.

Cross sell. Up sell. Protect your revenue.

There is a huge opportunity for you to tap into general consumer marketing to deliver RISCO Smart Home and VUpoint P2P to your customers – cross selling to new customers, and upselling to existing. 

You can grow and protect your recurring revenue (increase maintenance contract revenue, now firmly underpinned by the customers’ requirement to access the installer controlled RISCO Cloud).

The electronic security industry is now starting to embrace the IoT revolution in a big way, especially with regard to home automation.  Don’t be left behind.  Choose RISCO.


RISCO VUpoint P2P launched– Live Video Verification for Security & Smart Home Solutions


RISCO are proud to announce the updated VUpoint – now with P2P technology which saves time with its simple camera setup that doesn’t require router configuration. This presents a unique opportunity for installation professionals to enter the increasingly popular domain of IP camera installations without any additional training or specialised knowledge.

VUpoint P2P is an easily-installed live video verification solution for its range of professional security systems and Smart Home that seamlessly integrates IP cameras to deliver unequalled security and on-the-go convenience for residential and commercial customers.

Engineered for reliability and convenience, RISCO’s intuitive smartphone and web apps enable customers and ARCs to view live video clips or images – anytime and anywhere – in response to any trigger or event, to rapidly verify if an alarm is real or false, which increases ARC efficiency by reducing unnecessary responses to false alarms.  In addition, even when there is no alarm, live video streaming on-demand allows customers to look in at the premises for instant visibility and peace of mind – for example, to check up on the children or the office after hours.

All camera models for indoor, outdoor and dual indoor-outdoor usage are WiFi-enabled, offering HD video and images for enhanced monitoring and verification, while the cloud provides notification and transmission with advanced network security safeguards, and a maximal, customer-configurable level of user privacy.


RISCO Group launch new customer rewards progarmme

RISCO Group, the leading manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for the professional security market, has announced the launch of RISCO Stars Partners Programme – a pioneering rewards scheme that is designed to help its loyal distribution and installation partners grow their businesses and enhance their marketing activities. Participants simply collect ‘Stars’ through the purchase of eligible RISCO Group products and redeem them against a wide selection of fantastic activities that will help increase visibility and sales.


Being part of RISCO Stars couldn’t be easier. By downloading the free RISCO Group HandyApp from the Apple App Store or Google Play, individuals simply register their details and then, after every purchase, scan the QR code on the packaging. RISCO Stars are then added to their account, which can be reviewed online at any time. Not only that but each product that is scanned receives an automatic six-month warranty extension, with an additional 12 months for RISCO Stars members.

Once sufficient RISCO Stars have been collected, they can be redeemed for rewards. These rewards comprise a range of tried and tested marketing activities that are proven to increase business exposure and help reach potential customers.

The rewards have been carefully chosen and include the development of a business Facebook Page, bespoke email marketing templates, printed company literature, a third-party website audit with an improvement strategy, branded videos, Google AdWords and branded workwear.

Greg Smith, Marketing Manager UK&I at RISCO Group, commented, ‘RISCO Stars is a totally new and unique rewards scheme that is designed to offer our valued distribution and installation partners genuine ways to improve their levels of business activity. We’ve now made gaining access to first class specialist marketing support as easy as possible through the purchase of our innovative products and training, so that there’s always something for everyone to save for.’