RISCO announced as the latest CSL Connected Partner

Following on from last year’s launch of DigiAir Connected we are delighted to announce that RISCO has become a CSL Connected Partner.

Our variants of DigiAir Connected – GSM and LAN – are available to order from your ARC now.

In addition, an ARC Connection Only version of the product is also now available for RISCO. This product enables ARC Monitoring to be added to existing as well as new installations where CSL has not provided the hardware. All these variants of DigiAir Connected are available on RISCO’s Agility3, LightSYS2 and ProSYS+ panels.

If your end-users are demanding Smartphone Apps plus reliable ARC connectivity, they can have both with DigiAir Connected. Simply place an order with your ARC today or contact us for more info.

RISCO leads the way with launch of RISCO Smart Home

RISCO Group, the leading global manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for the professional security market, has announced the launch of RISCO Smart Home – its first complete connected home security solution.

RISCO Smart Home aims to provide end-users with a professional security system that boasts intelligent home automation; combining video monitoring, energy management, smart access and easy control of lighting.


Managed from the intuitive iRISCO smartphone app, RISCO Smart Home offers a streamlined lifestyle that delivers modern convenience and peace of mind.

RISCO Smart Home can be integrated as an add-on to all RISCO systems via the Microsoft Azure powered RISCO Cloud and can be installed with any choice of panel, allowing installers to provide seamless upgrades for new and existing customers.

Steve Riley, Commercial Director at RISCO UK comments: “With the penetration of smart home systems set to reach 3% of global households by 2018 and 7% by 2025*, now is the ideal time for installers to make sure they are offering the best smart home system to their customers.

“RISCO has long been at the forefront of the IoT movement within the security market, and we’re confident that the launch of RISCO Smart Home offers huge revenue generating potential for installers across the UK.”

The launch follows research conducted by RISCO which identified that more than 1 in 2 homeowners with an alarm were interested in installing an alarm system that could control other household systems.

Steve Riley concludes: “The RISCO Smart Home is the ultimate opportunity for installers looking to boost their business potential with a cutting edge and conveniently all-inclusive professional connected home solution.”

Installers will be able to take a look at RISCO Smart Home at the company’s forthcoming RISCO Roadshow 2017, which starts Wednesday 5th April in Lymm, Cheshire, and tours the UK until 11th May. More information on the event, which will also preview RISCO’s much-anticipated ProSYS Plus Grade 3 panel, can be found at riscogroup.eventbrite.co.uk.

For more information about RISCO Smart Home visit www.riscogroup.com/uk or call 0161 655 5500.

VUpoint wins Software-Based Product of the Year

VUpoint PR image 1

We’re incredibly proud to announce that our cloud-connected live video verification solution VUpoint has won the Software-Based Product of the Year award at the 2016 PSI Premier Awards!

The win is of particular importance to the RISCO team as it marks our third-consecutive award winning year, with LightSYS™2 winning Intruder Product of the Year in 2014, and Agility™3 picking up the same award in 2015. Meaning that all of our current RISCO Cloud-based solutions are now award-winning.

The thing that makes the PSI Premier Awards extra special is the fact that the winners are chosen & voted for by professional security installers via online vote. We’re delighted to be able to provide our customers with products & solutions that they have enough confidence in and are willing to vote for against such stiff competition!

We’d especially like to thank everyone who voted for us this year, stay tuned for news on upcoming RISCO Cloud products & solutions to be released later this year!


Technical FAQs: July


 Each month we publish the answers to some of your most frequently asked technical questions here in our monthly Tech Q&A – read on to get some handy hints & tips on installing RISCO products & software. You can also scroll to the end of the article to take a look at some previous FAQ entries:

Q: I have an Agility™3 Speaker Box – RW132EVL – what sounds can come out of it?

The Agility™3 Speaker Box is wired to the Agility™3 panel.

The Agility™3 Speaker Box is intended to be fitted remotely from the Agility™3 panel.

If connected and you wish the thing to function, the DIP switch 2 on the Agility™3 Panel must be switched on.

Once DIP switch 2 is switched on, the Agility™3 panel requires powering off and back on in order for the Speaker Box to become active.

Once this has been done, all ‘voice’ operations will be emitted from the speaker box instead of the main unit.

All following sounds will be heard from the Speaker Box and NO LONGER from the Agility™3 panel.

  • All spoken words by the lady’s voice
  • Zone Chime Sound 1,2,3
  • Zone Chime Sound ‘Zone Message’

There is a small ‘POT’ inside the Speaker Box to adjust its speaker volume.

In addition, any ‘Listen-In’ functions will now be ‘Spoken’ and ‘Heard’ using the Speaker Box (Speaker and Microphone) and not the Agility™3 Panel.

Zone Chime sound ‘Buzzer’ will remain emitted from the Agility™3 Panel Piezo Buzzer.

Entry/Exit tones will remain emitted from the Agility™3 Panel Piezo Buzzer.

The Alarm Sound will remain emitted from the Agility™3 Panel Piezo Buzzer.

The Squawk will remain emitted from the Agility™3 Panel Piezo Buzzer.


Q: Can the Wireless Sounders do chime sounds?

No. They cannot. Wireless Sounders can do ‘Alarm Sound’, ‘Squawk Sound’ and ‘Entry/Exit Sound’ only.


Q: What does the ‘TX Supervise Timer’ do in Agility™3 and LightSYS™2 ?

This TX Timer value is passed to all 2-Way Wireless Zone devices and Wireless Sounders. This dictates how often the device should report back to the control panels receiver to inform it that the devices is alive and kicking. The default is 15 minutes.


Q: What does the ‘RX Supervise Timer’ do in Agility™3 and  LightSYS™2 ?

This RX Timer value is ‘how long’ the panel will sit there and wait for a 1-Way or 2-Way device to report in. If a device does not report in after the RX Timer expires, then any/all devices that do not report in (within that RX Time) will be deemed as LOST.


Q: If I make a mistake on my App/Cloud login three times in a row, how long does it lock me out for?

15 minutes

If you are currently installing RISCO products and require any assistance from our technical team, feel free to contact them by phone (0161 655 5600) or email: support-uk@riscogroup.com. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our previous FAQ sessions here:

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January 2016 FAQs

Meet the Installer: KHG Security



A key driver of the Internet of Things is the demand for ever-smarter technology within our homes. In the past, the term ‘smart home’ conjured up images of expensive gadgets only ever found in the mansions of the ultra-rich. Yet, the assumption that the concept of the smart home is something of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ has been turned on its head in recent times, with highly advanced technologies introduced into households of all shapes and sizes.

Generally speaking, a smart home incorporates advanced automation systems to provide end-users with sophisticated controls over a building’s functions. Including energy control (heating, lighting), multimedia & security. The UK smart home market is growing rapidly and a study by AMA Research found that while it was estimated to be worth around £65 million in 2011, this figure is set to spiral to £210 million by 2019.

Someone with an established track record using RISCO products to create smarter homes for his clients is Rob Rathbone, MD of Cheshire-based KHG Security:

“We only offer cutting edge equipment, installed to the highest possible standards by time served, professional technicians. We’ve used intruder alarm technology from RISCO Group in a diverse range of installations over the years and have always felt that it offers a level of functionality and flexibility that is perfectly suited to meet the increasing demand from homeowners for connected homes”

As it becomes more cost effective to install IP-based security systems, the benefits are also becoming clearer to end-users. KHG Security has seen a rise in demand for its expertise in this area:

“Most of our customers initially see an intruder alarm system as a one dimensional product, but once we’ve installed it they’re often amazed at the extra lifestyle benefits it provides. Others are more tech-savvy and are fully prepared to exploit the full range of features that RISCO Group’s technology can offer.”

Forward thinkers


Two individuals that qualify for the latter group are Malcolm Gruber and Dominic McCormick. Both used the services of KHG Security to take advantage of RISCO technology in a plethora of innovative ways.

Having moved into his new home in 2015, Malcolm had intended to update the existing security system, however, it became a priority after one eventful evening:

“Unfortunately, I managed to lock myself out of the house and – having gone to lots of time and trouble to get a locksmith to attend and let me in – we started talking about intruder alarms and he recommended KHG Security. I already had a good idea about what I wanted, but as soon as I met Rob I was impressed with his clear interest in creating smart homes.”

After conducting a risk assessment, KHG recommended the installation of RISCO Group’s wireless Agility™3 two-way alarm system.

As a dog owner, Malcolm’s priority was the welfare of his pet when he went out. He comments: “Dogs can get distressed when they are apart from their owners, so I wanted to be able to check what was happening remotely. I now have three cameras located throughout my home, which I can activate via my smartphone at any time and take photos if necessary. This gives me valuable peace of mind about my dog’s welfare and means I can take any action if required.”

The Agility™3 also allows him to set and unset the system remotely, so that he can grant access to neighbours, dog-minders and his cleaner, as required. If an alarm goes off it takes a burst of four pictures that are instantly sent to him and if he doesn’t respond to the text notification and turn the alarm off, the ARC will call him directly.

Fellow tech-junkie, Dominic McCormick, firmly believes that the smart home is now within reach for all, and found a likeminded soul in Rob Rathbone.

“We only moved into our new home in January, but one of my immediate priorities was an IP connected alarm system. After consulting with Rob on the most suitable solution, we decided that a LightSYS™2 system would offer immediate benefits, as well as the opportunity to scale up and configure new ways of linking our home infrastructure to it.”

LightSYS™2 is a professional hybrid system that offers ultimate flexibility, with advanced IP and GSM/GPRS or STU adaptor communication, as well as a choice of wired, wireless, or bus detectors. “Like the Agility 3, it benefits from a smart phone app that enables users to control their alarm systems remotely,” states Rathbone. “Yet, despite its advanced capabilities, it is the easiest system on the market to install and support, with a simple keypad menu structure and seamless configuration software connectivity via RISCO Cloud.”

Comprising internal PIR detectors, as well as window and door sensors, McCormick is impressed with the functionality of the new system and has begun to adapt it to suit his specific needs. He explains: “I’m a keen user of the Raspberry Pi – a tiny, credit card computer that you can buy for less than £20 and runs Linux. I’m looking at ways I can combine it with the LightSYS™2 to make my home more IoT enabled. I’m already using the Utility Output feature on my new garage door to open and close it remotely in order to accept deliveries when I’m out. My latest projects include developing an electric lock and door opening sensor that can open a door when my hands are full, and the ability to open and close curtains with a smartphone based voice command. Longer term, it’s clear that integrating the LightSYS™2 with the Pi and other Smart devices will provide capabilities far beyond its initial purpose.”

Homeowners are looking to integrate all the different electronic systems they have and the explosion of smart devices has increased awareness of the lifestyle benefits of using technology in this way.

This piece originally appeared as a feature for Show Home Magazine in June 2016

Scheduled Maintenance Activity on the myELAS Platform


On Sunday 29th May, we will be performing some essential maintenance work on the  Electronics Line platform myELAS  as we prepare to upgrade our Cloud services.

Work is scheduled to begin at 09:00am (GMT+2) on Sunday Morning and will last for up to 4 hours.

During this time, the following services may become temporarily unavailable:

  • MyELAS app for Apple & Android devices
  • MyELAS web application
  • Reports to monitoring stations

Upcoming Maintenance Dates

There will be an additional period of scheduled maintenance on Sunday 5th June in order to implement some key improvements to our infrastructure. Maintenance activity will last for approximately 2 hours and may temporarily effect MyELAS services.

Once completed, users will benefit from a range of new features, improved performance & enhanced security.


We wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time, please be aware that maintenance work only applies to Electronics Line devices running on the MyELAS platform. The RISCO Cloud & RISCO products will NOT be affected and will continue to operate as normal.

Technical FAQs: May


Each month we publish the answers to some of your most frequently asked technical questions here in our monthly Tech Q&A – read on to get some handy hints & tips on installing RISCO products & software. You can also scroll to the end of the article to take a look at some previous FAQ entries:

Q: I have a Wireless Repeater. What can I do with it?

The current Wireless Repeater can repeat any 1-Way Zone device

It cannot repeat any of the following:


The repeater also has spaces to fit backup batteries in case of 12V PSU failure – AA 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH (x3)

It is also possible to chain/cascade up to seven repeaters together.

This means, for example, you could theoretically fit 12x regular 1-Way Wireless Zone devices 1.6 Kilometres away from the panel receiver.

Then, at equal 200 meter distances getting closer back to the panels receiver, you can fit seven repeaters. The repeaters can ‘bounce’ the signals from the far end all the way back to the panel.


Q: I have a LightSYS™2 with a Wireless Slim Keypad. Sometimes when I part set the system, I have no entry time, just immediate alarm. Why?

Pressing the Part Set button will part set the system; leaving the Entry zones as they are programmed.

Alternatively, pressing (and holding) the Part Set button will part set the system and change all Entry zones to instant zones.

Tip: Do not press and hold the Part Set button as this will cancel the entry beeps when the door is opened!


Q: I have an Agility™3 and/or LightSYS™2 and I’ve got IP. I can’t get it on line and when I look what the IP number is, I see a number beginning with 172. Why would that be?

This is because the panel is set to obtain an IP address from the router automatically, but the router that it is connected to has failed to give the panel an IP number.

Reboot the router.

If more network cables are fitted to the router from other devices, remove them and test again.


Q: I cannot connect to my Agility™3 and/or LightSYS™2 using the Configuration Software by Cloud. What can be wrong?

Check that the panel is on-line

Check that the panel is enabled for ‘Config Software’

Check that the Configuration Software [Connection Settings] – ‘Cloud IP Address’ = riscocloud.com

Check that the Configuration Software [Connection Settings] – ‘Cloud PORT’ = 34000

Check that the Configuration Software [Connection Settings] – ‘Cloud CPID’ = Panel 11 Digit Serial Number

Check that the Configuration Software [Configuration Software] – ‘Security codes’ match those of the panel


Q: I cannot remember my login password for the iRISCO App. What do I do?

Simply visit riscocloud.com on a web browser and click [Lost Password]. Fill in your login name and the spam letters then click the button.


If you are currently installing RISCO products and require any assistance from our technical team, feel free to contact them by phone (0161 655 5500) or email: support-uk@riscogroup.com. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our previous FAQ sessions here:

April 2016 FAQs

February 2016 FAQs

January 2016 FAQs